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5 ways to use a summer house in the winter

A summer house is multifunctional. Not only in summer, but also in winter. Are you wondering what you could do with a summer house? We give you 5 ways to be able to optimally use a summer house in winter.

1. Garden office

Now that working from home is an integral part of our lives, the need to create a special place for it is greater than ever. Where some people have the luxury of still having an empty bedroom, a garden office is a good option for when there’s no room left in the house. But working in a garden office also offers the possibility of keeping work and private life separate, something that is difficult to do when working from home. In addition, in a garden office, there is no distraction from other people at home or a washing machine or dryer that needs your attention.

2. Gym in your summer house

Having your own gym is often considered a real luxury. People often do not have the space for it in the house, but a summer house can also be very suitable for this. Especially in winter, this can be a big advantage over a gym inside the house, because it is often just a bit too warm in the house to exercise. You can find a lot of used fitness equipment and supplies for a nice price online. With a set of weights for strength training, a mat for exercises and a treadmill, cross-trainer or bike for cardio, you will have your personal gym at home. In the summer, you can open up the doors of your summer house or move your exercises outside. So you no longer need an expensive gym subscription!

3. Summer house as mancave

Another popular use of the summer house is as a mancave. A wonderful place for men to escape from the busy family life or the chatter of the lady of the house and her girlfriends. Whether you want to decorate your mancave as a place to play games, have a beer with friends at your own bar or practice your hobby, anything is possible. You can stay there for hours without being disturbed. What man wouldn’t want that?

4. Winter barbecue

A summer house is an ideal place to throw a party without turning the whole house into a mess. The winter barbecue is becoming more and more popular and a summer house with veranda and glass walls is the perfect place for that. Put the barbecue outside, while you’re cosy inside your summer house with family and friends. Add hot chocolate, mulled wine and delicious warm blankets for all your guests, and your winter barbecue is sure to be a success. Enjoy!

5. Storing things

The most common function of a summer house remains storage, even in winter. For garden sets that are outside in the summer or plants that cannot withstand frost. You don’t put them in the house, but they have to be stored somewhere in the winter. Make sure your summer house has a good lock, especially if you keep valuables in it (this also applies if it is furnished as a garden office, gym or mancave, of course). Fortunately, Garden Chalet only uses locks with a three-point locking system, these come standard with every house we produce.

Insulating your summer house

If you want to continue to use your summer house in the winter as a garden office, gym, mancave or for a delicious winter barbecue, it is wise to have your summer house insulated. Fortunately, wood has a natural insulating effect. In addition, it is possible to have the roof, floor and walls of your Garden Chalet summer house insulated.

In addition, you will probably need to have electricity and possibly water installed and it is wise to hang a smoke detector.

Would you like to enjoy your garden in winter too?

Whatever you want to use your summer house for, at Garden Chalet you will always find a model that meets all your needs. Our unique 3D configurator offers you the possibility to design and furnish your summer house entirely according to your wishes. Would you like to use your summer house for multiple functions, such as a garden office, but also as a space for storing things? No problem, at Garden Chalet you can also find summer houses with separate rooms.

Garden Chalet’s summer houses are resistant to all weather conditions due to the boiler pressure and spraying impregnation methods. This way, you can enjoy all the benefits of your summer house all year round.

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