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Garden Chalet Product number 155PR59

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PRODUCT Code: 155PR59


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Garden Chalet Product number 155PR59

Garden Chalet Product number 155PR59

Specifications (This item is available with pre-order 12 to 14 weeks lead time)

Width 900 cm, Depth 420 cm

Surface 12,6m2, Volume 32,5m3

Wall thickness 44 mm, Height 258 cm, Height to fascia 226 cm

Door(s) PE61HW

Windows Glass sliding doors

Roof type Flat roof

Roof overhang 18cm

Post(s) 12×12 cm

Type of wood Spruce wood

System Prima system

Product features.

Double glazing included

Assembly material included

Pressure treated foundation beams included

*Bitumen roof shingles included

*Roof finishing included

*Sprung handle included

*Free installation quote optional

Internal floor Included

Spray impregnated doors and windows included

Painted doors and windows optional

Spray treatment of entire building optional

Pre-treatment entire building and painted exterior parts optional

This item comes in an easy to assemble kit form and has a plain prepared for painting timber finish.

Garden Chalet takes it one step further than anyone else. All our products come standard with plenty of features and the following points are included in the price as well. We also have a broad range of extra options for you to choose from:

Key features included in the price

All posts, doors and windows are laminated. This helps to prevent warping

Door(s) with a cylinder lock

First class pine from northern countries

5 year guarantee

Double glazed doors and windows and much more.

Options with additional charge (only available on bespoke unit)

Other kind of doors and windows (wide range of choice)

Higher or thicker walls


Garden Chalet Product number 155PR59

155PR59 Drawings

Delivery & Payment

If you are ordering a bespoke Building our payment terms are as follows:

Here is a breakdown of our payments schedule.

40% booking deposit

40% pre-manufacturing payment

20% pre-delivery payment

There is also an option to pay for a bespoke chalet in full at time of ordering and receive a 5% discount on the price.

The price you see for this unit includes delivery to anywhere on the Island of Ireland and is inclusive of VAT , the payment in full discount has already been applied.

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